Treetop Walk Singapore

This free-standing suspension bridge known for its scenic nature views is accessed by hiking trails in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve in the north of Singapore. Professional MMA fighter, Shi Ming and I make our way through the lush hiking trails to experience the amazing views.

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LA History: The Viper Room

The iconic Sunset boulevard club in West Hollywood, The Viper Room hosts all kinds of bands. You can see musical performances by up and comers and veteran musicians alike. It was on Halloween night in 1993 that a famous tragedy occurred in front of the club. Famous actor, River Phoenix passed away. He began suffering […]

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Wrestling With Greatness: Vegan Bodybuilders Try Catch Wrestling

Had a great time at UFC Gym Vancouver training vegan bodybuilders, Maria Lee of Tribe Fitness, and Ravi of Vgains Online! We do some moves followed by discussing different aspects of training and veganism! You can find Maria through her website: You can find Ravi on Instagram: We had technical difficulty for the […]

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