Black Dahlia VR

The owners of this former hotel positively identified Elizabeth Short and a male companion who checked into their hotel on January 12, 1947. Her male companion checked out the the hotel alone the day her body was discovered.

January 14, 1947, hours before her murder, Elizabeth Short ran up to LAPD officer Meryl McBride fearing that her boyfriend would kill her. The officer tried to assist her, but Elizabeth ended up leaving the area with two men and a woman. Short’s body would be found the following morning.

With Kim Nguyen of Fat Cat Rolling Studios at the site where the body of Elizabeth Short, AKA the “Black Dahlia” was found on the morning of January 15, 1947. Immerse yourself in the environment of this neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles. While it is more developed now, it still retains a quietness that would have been similar to that fateful morning in 1947.

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