Speak of the Devil: Robert Watts of Light Sail VR

Had the opportunity to speak with Robert Watts at VRLA this year! He and his team at Light Sail VR have created many great VR 360 video projects over the years, like a 360 video for the movie, “Paranormal Activity,” among other projects.

This year at VRLA, Robert was demoing their latest release, “Speak of the Devil,” an interactive VR 360 horror movie where you choose where your character goes in this story there there are 18 possible endings with only one where you survive.

We also discuss filming in 180 degrees and their new game show, “Now Your Turn.” http://www.lightsailvr.com/nowyourturn/

Light Sail VR is a Hollywood-based VR production company that is pioneering the evolving field of cinematic virtual reality storytelling. Check them out at their website: http://www.lightsailvr.com

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